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our process and fees

candidate fee


candidates never, ever pay!


Our service is totally free to helper candidates, all the time. | Nuestro servicio es totalmente gratuito para los candidatos que lo ayuden, todo el tiempo.

Candidates {"helpers"} can post their credentials directly on our website; families looking for helpers will see Candidate profiles. | Los candidatos {"helpers"} pueden publicar sus credenciales directamente en nuestro sitio web; Las familias que buscan ayudantes verán los perfiles de los candidatos.

60 day free subscription. | suscripción gratuita de 60 días.

regular membership


access to candidate database + job post


First sign up/sign in. Then choose your membership. A regular membership grants families access to our coveted database of Miami's very best nannies, housekeepers, baby-sitters and senior companions. You can view the profiles of candidates who post themselves as available for hire, and you can connect with them directly.

60 day subscription.

premium membership


upgrade from regular membership to post your job


Why should you pay an additional $59 to upgrade your membership from Regular to Premium? Because a Premium membership allows you to post your job on our site for candidates to see, which means you go to them and they come to you. Some candidates don't post their profiles for fear their current employer will find out they're looking for a new job. The job post expires when the membership subscription expires.

60 day subscription.

background check


extensive background check

We conduct extensive background checks after the thorough screening has been completed. When a candidate does not meet our standards, it's usually because of something we uncover during the screening process that might not appear in the background check. If you have a candidate who has already been screened, we will gladly to conduct a background check for you, as this service is offered a la carte.

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full screening


comprehensive candidate screening

We will screen your candidate for you even if you didn't find them here! candidate here. Our a la carte screening service is what we're most proud of. Our comprehensive screening process is custom-designed and more thorough than you'll find anywhere else.


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personality assessment


professional third party online questionnaire

One of the most important things to consider when hiring a helper is chemistry. We offer a third-party online assessment service that helps you determine if your candidate's personality is the right fit for your family.


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drug screening


for those who want to cross every t and dot every i

We offer the option of a nine-panel drug screening for families who want to make sure no stone is left unturned. By now you know us... we don't play. If you order a drug screening, we will deliver a comprehensive one {nine panels is robust for a domestic help agency}.

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hiring kit


tools + resources to make it easier

We offer families a customized hiring kit that includes: info about hiring legally, tax classification  etc.; sample interview questions; a template for an employee/employer contract; helper compensation guide; mileage/gas reimbursement guide; CPR + First Aid training resources and more.

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trial | hire


spend some time together before you hire

We don't charge a fee for trials, but we highly recommend 

a trial before hiring permanently, for the benefit of both you and your helper. Our fee for this is $0 but candidates do expect to be paid for their work during the trial.

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memberships: regular vs. premium

families: why should you upgrade to a premium membership?

A premium Membership gives families the opportunity to post their job on our website, which means access to more candidates. 


Many candidates will peruse the site and reply to a job post, but will not post their availability because they don't want their current employer to know they are looking for a new job.


what you need to know

  • Candidates / applicants never pay our agency. Only families pay.

  • When you connect with a candidate, you hire them directly - not through our company. You are the employer.

  • All candidates are informed that they must be able to verify that they are legally eligible to work in the US. Background checks and other verifications will be administered.

  • In accordance with local, state and federal laws, personal inquiries are not included in the Candidate application {age, gender, family info, etc.}.

  • We permanently disqualify candidates we feel are not up to standard.

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Just Ask Domestic Help, LLC {JADH} does not provide searching / matching services. This online resource is designed for families and helpers to connect directly. JADH does not guarantee that a family will find the helper they're seeking on this site, or that if they will, they will be satisfied with the services provided by that helper. JADH does not guarantee that any helper will find a job through our site, or that if they do, they will be satisfied with the position or the employer. JADH does not employ any domestic helper candidates featured on our site. The hiring family is the employer. JADH accepts no responsibility for prospective employer {family}'s selection of a helper, or for any helper's conduct, actions or performance. Employer is ultimately responsible for selecting a caregiver and for complying with all local, state and federal laws that apply when employing a household employee. JADH does not recommend hiring, or not hiring, a candidate. JADH is not responsible or liable for interpreting screening results or background check results. JADH strongly recommends that a family never hire a helper without first conducting an in-person interview, a thorough screening and an updated background check. JADH is pleased to provide an abundance of helpful resources to help families make smart, safe hiring decisions.