The 2017 Household Help

Survey Results

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About 300 JABBERS participated in the 2017 survey. The percentages below indicate how many participants responded to the
corresponding question with that answer.

In A Nutshell

  • About 300 JABBERS participated in the 2017 survey.

  • For a full-time live-out or nanny or housekeeper, the going hourly rate is $13 to $16 per hour, or $104 to $128 for an 8-hour day / $520 to $640 for a five-day week. 

  • For a live-in nanny and housekeeper, the going hourly rate about the same as above: $12 to $16 per hour, or $96 to $128 for an 8-hour day / $480 to $640 for a five-day week. 

  • For a full-time live-out nanny and housekeeper (someone who does both), the going rate, for 1-2 children, is $15 to $20 per hour $120 to $160 per day / $600 to $800 for a five-day week.

  • For 3 or more children, or for unusual circumstances like weekends, sleepovers and travel days will warrant higher pay. We estimate an additional $2 per hour.

  • Average raise is approximately 10% annually.

  • Compensation and benefits are negotiated between Employer and Helper.

  • Just Ask Domestic Help {JADH} is the sister company to JustAskBoo. We are a domestic help recruiting agency. We assist in the match-making process between family and helper for a fee charged to families.

  • This survey is provided simply as a resource for our JABBERS to help guide you as best we can.

QUESTION: Choose the one that best describes the household help that you employ:


A PART-time housekeeper: 14%

(This means 14% of survey takers employ a part-time housekeeper...)


A FULL-time, live-OUT nanny/housekeeper: 14%


A PART-time (25 hours/week or less) nanny/housekeeper: 13%


A FULL-time (more than 25 hours/week), live-IN nanny/housekeeper: 5%


A PART-time nanny: 5%


A FULL-time, live-OUT nanny: 4%


A FULL-time, live-OUT housekeeper: 4%


A FULL-time, live-IN housekeeper: 3%


A FULL-time, live-IN nanny: .5%

Baby / night nurse: .5%

Elderly companion: 5%

Pet sitter: 2%

QUESTION: If you pay your helper WEEKLY, how much do you pay?


Less than $350 per week: 23%


$351 - $400 per week: 8%


$401 to $550 per week: 17%


More than $550 per week: 13.5%


Does not apply: 29%


Other: 11%

QUESTION: If you employ a FULL-TIME live-in housekeeper, how much do you pay per week?


Less than $200 per week: 3%


$201 to $250 per week: 2%


$251 to $300 per week: .8%


$301 to $350 per week: .8%


$351 to $400 per week: 1.6%


$401 to $450 per week: 4%


$451 to $500 per week: 5%


More than $500 per week: 14%


Does not apply: 71%

What we have learned: For a full-time live-in nanny + housekeeper, the going rate is generally $12 to $15 per day ($96 to $120 per dayplus living expenses (including food).


QUESTION: If you pay your helper HOURLY, how much do you pay?


Less than $10 per hour: 2%


$10 to $15 per hour: 44%


$16 to $21 per hour: 14%


$21 to $25 per hour: 3.5%


Does not apply: 33%


Other: 4.5%


QUESTION: What benefits and perks do you provide to your helper?


Annual or regular bonuses: 60%


Paid vacation time: 60%


Meals/groceries: 31%


Employment taxes: 15%


Social Security tax: 13%


Mileage reimbursement or car allowance (gas money): 10%


Vehicle (provided by employer): 6%


Public transportation (bus/Metrorail passes): 5%


Cell phone or cell phone allowance: 4%


Vehicle allowance: 3%


Auto insurance: 2.5%


Medical insurance: 2%


Other: 14%



QUESTION: What services are provided by your helper?


House cleaning: 86%


Laundry: 70%


Ironing: 50%


Childcare: 40%

Special projects (organizing, polishing silver, etc.): 34%


Cooking: 32%


Pet care: 26%


Driving: 21%


Grocery shopping: 16%


Other: 4%



QUESTION: What language(s) does your helper speak?


Spanish: 90%


English: 53%


Portuguese: 2%


French: 1.3%


German: .4%


Other: .9%



QUESTION: Does your helper drive?


Yes, their own car: 65%


Yes, a car provided by us: 7%


My helper has a license but no car: 4%


No, my helper does not drive: 25%

thank you for participating in the 2017 household help survey!
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