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background checks

Background checks are highly encouraged, after a thorough screening has been completed. {

  basic background check

  • Dates back seven years.

  • Checks felony/probation criminal search nationwide, covering every county in the US {‘widescreen search’}.

  • Checks misdemeanor criminal activity in the specific counties in which Candidate has lived. 

  • Checks motor vehicle activity {driving record, etc.}.

  • Checks sex offender registry.

  • Checks alias activity {to make sure candidate has not used an alias}.

  • Checks social security validation. If Candidate does not have a SS number, the report will specify that there was no verification. In many cases, Candidate does not have a SS# but is still legally eligible to work in the US through a work permit or some other legal means; family should ask Candidate to show documentation verifying their legal status. JADH cannot request this info by law, since the family is the employer, not JADH.

  • Results are usually delivered in 3-5 business days.

  • Background Check results are emailed to JADH by HireRight. When we receive them, we forward the full report directly to Client.

  add drug testing

  • Nine-panel drug test administered by HireRight {this is robust; most companies conduct only a five-panel check}.

When one of our helpers is being considered for employment in your home, and/or to work with your children and pets, the candidate absolutely must be properly screened.


Our team is available to screen candidates, however we are happy to share our process with families who would like to conduct their own screening. Below you will find an outline of our own unique screening process, specifically designed for the discerning Miami area families we serve who are hiring domestic helpers. Our process is after that which executive search firms use, which is far more comprehensive than most domestic help agencies.

It is important to note that, contrary to popular belief, screenings and background checks are two separate processes.  

  part one: getting started

  • Develop a Client Profile / Job Description.


  part two: initial screening

  • If the Candidate does not have a resume or CV {most don't}, develop Candidate Profile. This includes:

    • Their work history​

    • Their contact info, including home address, email, phone

    • The services they offer

    • Their skills / abilities

    • Any relevant notes {for example, whether or not they iron, cook, only work with newborns, etc.}

  • Ask Candidate to provide current contact info for the past employers you choose to contact {as opposed to asking the candidate for references}.

  • Contact at least 2-3 references and ask the questions we provide in our Hiring Kit {available here on this website for $29}.

  • Conduct a series of phone and in-person interviews with Candidate in which you:

    • remind Candidate that they must be prepared to verify that they are legally eligible to work in the US in order to be registered on this site.

    • review your job requirements, location, work schedule, etc.

    • inform Candidate knows that the job is non-negotiable, and they cannot request changes to the job or the compensation {a compensation guide is available in our Hiring Kit, here on this site for $29}.

    • let Candidate know that a background check will be administered.

    • gather resume or CV from Candidate if applicable {as mentioned, most domestic help candidates do not have a resume/CV}. 

    • verify candidate identity by matching their face to their photo ID.




​​  part two: trial + hire

  • Background check: This is when the background check should be administered. You can purchase this HERE.

  • Trial: We always recommend hiring on a trial basis {usually 3-5 working days} before offering a permanent position.

  • Hire: Family hires the Candidate directly. JADH is not involved in the hiring process.

  • You and your candidate walk off into the sunset with no ties to us.

full screening

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