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as a domestic helper?

Cost: $0 {always}

Cuesta: $0 {siempre}


We don't collect any money from candidates -- ever. Only the families pay for our services. | No recolectamos dinero de los empleados -- nunca.

To look for a job, follow the process below. | Para buscar trabajo, siga el proceso a continuación.

the process | el proceso

For helpers: Cost is $0. You must create an account. If you have ever applied with us prior to January 2019, you must do so again.  | Cuesta $0. Debes crear una cuenta (gratis) para aplicar. Si alguna vez ha solicitado con nosotros antes de enero de 2019, debe hacerlo nuevamente.

regístrate - siempre gratis

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Enter your work history and credentials so that families can find you! | Ingrese su historial de trabajo y sus credenciales para que las familias puedan encontrarlo.

crea perfil


Look at job openings posted by families on our site. | Vea las ofertas de trabajo que las familias han publicado en nuestro sitio.

buscar trabajos


Connect with families who are looking for helpers. | Conéctate con las familias que están buscando ayudantes.



After the screening and background check are complete, the family can hire you first for a trial, then permanently. | Una vez que se completa la evaluación y la verificación de antecedentes, la familia puede contratarle primero para una prueba y luego de manera permanente.

ser contratado


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Once you are hired into a job, be sure to log in and make your status INACTIVE. This way you won't get calls from people trying to hire you, after you already have a job. | Una vez que sea contratado para un trabajo, asegúrese de iniciar sesión y hacer que su estado sea INACTIVO. De esta manera, no recibirá llamadas de personas que intentan contratarlo después de que ya tenga un trabajo.

ser inactivo el el website


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found a job?


PLEASE change your employment status to Inactive by logging in hereGo to your Account and select HIDE PROFILE if one been hired.

POR FAVOR cambie su estado de empleo iniciando sesión aquí. Vaya a su cuenta {Account} y seleccione HIDE PROFILE si uno ha sido contratado.


what you need to know
  • Candidates / applicants never pay our agency. Only families pay.

  • You don't have to post your profile {you can apply as an 'inactive' candidate}. If you post your profile, families will be able to contact you because they know you're looking for work. If you don't post your profile, you can view available jobs that families have posted.

  • When you connect with a family, they hire you directly - not through our company. The family will be your employer.

  • In order to use this service, you must be legally eligible to work in the US. Background checks and other verifications will be administered.

  • All applicants are subject a comprehensive background check.

  • Candidates who provide any false information or prove to be unsuitable for hire will be permanently disqualified.

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Just Ask Domestic Help, LLC {JADH} does not provide searching / matching services. This online resource is designed for families and helpers to connect directly. JADH does not guarantee that a family will find the helper they're seeking on this site, or that if they will, they will be satisfied with the services provided by that helper. JADH does not guarantee that any helper will find a job through our site, or that if they do, they will be satisfied with the position or the employer. JADH does not employ any domestic helper candidates featured on our site. The hiring family is the employer. JADH accepts no responsibility for prospective employer {family}'s selection of a helper, or for any helper's conduct, actions or performance. Employer is ultimately responsible for selecting a caregiver and for complying with all local, state and federal laws that apply when employing a household employee. JADH does not recommend hiring, or not hiring, a candidate. JADH is not responsible or liable for interpreting screening results or background check results. JADH strongly recommends that a family never hire a helper without first conducting an in-person interview, a thorough screening and an updated background check. JADH is pleased to provide an abundance of helpful resources to help families make smart, safe hiring decisions.